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1. (Team + Culture) * Execution = Outcomes

Pay close attention to team, culture, and your execution quality

From what I’ve experienced in my time working with teams I’ve learned that there are three, high level critical factors that are the foundation of either good or bad outcomes with the team over time; the team, it’s culture, and…

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You can build a website for your startup within a week that looks like it cost $10,000 to have built. Yes, you.

Not only that, but you can build it with about $300 or potentially just $20 if you are a current student at a university.

How? Webflow templates.


Trying to figure out how much to raise, what it is going to cost you, and keeping the team up to date with these details can become a nightmare.

Why? Startups move fast and can change directions on projects at a moment's notice. …

Fundraising is one of the most stressful things about starting and running an early stage company.

Simply keeping track of your prospects when fundraising can really help take away at least some of the stress.


This template is pretty straight forward. It consists of 4 main sections; Prospect Details, Contact…

Early stage companies and startups are messy. Your branding doesn’t have to be.

I’ve found that building out a good looking brand from the start not only effects how you are seen by customers and investors, but its also a big moral boost for your team. …

I’ve learned the lesson the hard way that mapping out your new company’s financial roadmap early on is very important. I spent nearly a year with rough COGS and pricing numbers in shabby spreadsheet. …

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College is one of the best times in your life to get started in entrepreneurship.


Time, freedom, and free resources.

I spent my time in college as an entrepreneur falling face first, making mistakes time and time again. …

Quick snaps of things, of life, of moments.

Some day to day photos.

No filters.

No edits.

Ive recently been obsessed with the balance of negative space, positive space, and how both the natural and man made world can strike a balance between the two.

These were all quick snaps…

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Daniel Strangfeld

Thoughts on design and free tools to help entrepreneurs improve their businesses as well as their daily life. https://www.danstrangfeld.com/

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