Pitch Deck Handbook: Closing Slide

Daniel Strangfeld
1 min readFeb 5, 2023



The Closing Slide is where you provide your contact information for investors to use. It should contain; Your company info, company website, the primary contact’s info, and the primary contact’s email + phone number. It is always located just before your Index Slides.

Purpose of the Closing Slide

You’ve gone through all the work of helping the investor gain clarity on the problem, your solution, the opportunity, and gaining credibility throughout the deck. Don’t f*ck this up, not now.

Give them a way to contact you and hopefully write you a check somewhere down the road.

The Closing Slide has one main purpose, give investors a way to contact you.

Info and Content to Include

Should be included in the Closing Slide:

  • Company Info: Name, logo, & website (if you have one, even a landing page)
  • Primary Contact: Name, position, email, & phone number

Can be included in the Closing Slide:

  • QR codes: Company website, and/or primary contact

Closing Slide Location in a Pitch Deck

  • … > Closing > Index



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