Pitch Deck Handbook: Team Slide

Daniel Strangfeld
2 min readJan 15, 2023



The Team Slide is the most important slide in your deck because it is where you need to show why you are the team to build this company. It should include; each team member, their info (name, photo, position), reasons/data as to why they should be on the team, and potentially your advisors (can be broken out into a second slide). The Team Slide is typically located before the Ask Slide or after the Intro Slide

Purpose of the Team Slide

The team slide is arguably the most important slide in the deck. Without the right people to build the business, it is doomed to fail.

Your job in this slide is to build credibility in each and every person you’ve carefully selected to be on your team. Why each member is on the team should be 100% clear to any investor that looks at your deck.

The Team Slide’s purpose is to build credibility in the team building the solution and to answer the question of “Why are you the people this company?”

Info and Content to Include

Should be included in the Team Slide:

  • Team Members: Names, positions/roles, photos, achievements/skills/qualifications, and notable previous companies, schools, or etc logos that build credibility
  • QR or text link to LinkedIn profile

Can be included in the Team Slide:

  • Team member LinkedIn links, either text or QR codes
  • Advisors (Could be on a second slide)

Team Slide Locations in a Pitch Deck

Potential Locations:



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